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Heat illness prevention

June 29, 2015 08:54 PM

By Elizabeth Chaffin and Dr. Alexis Colvin, special to

Use these tips to help you stay healthy in the heat:

Drink enough fluids before your match: It is very important to hydrate both the day before the match and the day of the match.

Check your urine: Unles you're taking a multi-vitamin, your urine should be pale yellow or clear if you're properly hydrated.

Be fashion forward: Wearing light-colored clothing and wicking fabric decreases heat retention, keeping the body cooler. You should also bring a change of clothes. Having dry shirts, skirts, shorts or dresses allows the body to release heat.

Pack plenty of liquids: You should have a 3:2 ratio of approved sports drink to water per match (i.e., three 16-20 ounce bottles of sports drink to two bottles of water).

Add salt to your drinks: Put a half packet of salt in every 20-ounce bottle sports drink to help with electrolyte loss from sweating.

Keep drinking: From the beginning of the match, drink one gulp of water for every gulp of sports drink at
each changeover. If you’re thirsty, you may already be dehydrated.

Cool down: Start using ice bags and towels from the beginning of the match to keep cool. Place them on your groin, underarms, back of the neck and abdomen.

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Elizabeth Chaffin is the coordinator of medical for the USTA, and Dr. Alexis Colvin is the USTA's Chief Medical Officer.